Design an outreach plan that motivates people to take action for the planet.


Do any of these describe how you’re feeling right now?

» Your current outreach efforts aren’t producing the desired results, but you’re not sure how to pivot.

» Your messages are only reaching the same core audience, yet you need more people to get on board.

» Your campaign feels like it has stalled out, and you’re not sure how to continue the momentum.

» You know more behavior change strategies are needed in the project, but you aren’t sure where to start.

I get it. 

We work hard to encourage better decisions for the environment. It’s frustrating when our messages don’t get through and don’t produce the desired results.

“Why are they still doing the things we’re telling them not to do?!?!”

Let’s move from message frustration to message celebration.

This course is built for busy practitioners ready to make strategic shifts in how they engage with audiences so we can spark action, grow conservation movements, and see results.

It’s time to flip the script!

Introducing…the Making Moves online course

This 8-week, interactive course guides you through the steps to design an outreach plan that motivates action.

Through weekly lessons and worksheets, we clarify behavior goals and audiences, dive into the psychology behind why people will or won’t take action, and identify practical strategies for motivating change.

This course gives you the following:

» The most relevant theories and tactics from marketing & advertising, behavioral & social sciences, and conservation & environmental programs.

» Guidebook, worksheets & templates to apply concepts directly to your behavior change projects.

» Feedback, ideas, and guidance on your project throughout the course.

» Access to the Making Moves community with ongoing events and networking opportunities with over 300 behavior change enthusiasts from across the globe.

By the end of this program, you’ll know how to:

1. Map and design the behavior change journey: paint a clear picture of what it takes to create change.

2. Prioritize target audiences: find your minimum viable audience for maximum impact.

3. Identify deterrents & motivators: use the force field analysis to determine what’s preventing action and which mix of motivators to leverage.

4. Convert motivators into compelling messages: use an advertising framework makes messages stronger and more focused on the ultimate goal.

5. Choose outreach methods that work best: get your messages to the right audience at the right time and the right place.

This course will equip you with the skills, insights, and strategic agility you need to create powerful conservation movements!

The Making Moves course runs again in late 2024! 

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The standard rate for the course is $800 per person. Discount and group rates are available.

Need help convincing your boss???

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» Pre-written email to your boss: Copy & paste or download this email template to get the conversation with your supervisor started.

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Knowing your audience & being able to develop effective messaging for that audience isn’t easy. But when you can identify deterrents & motivators to address those possible setbacks, it increases the chances of your audience participating in a call to action! Making Moves helps you do just that!

Deseree Arzu
Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize

Thanks to Brooke, now I’m confident that I can inspire change. Her practical focus, checks for understanding, guided worksheets, personalized feedback, and group sessions built both knowledge and skills.

Brian D. Erickson

If you are a conservationist struggling with how to change people’s attitude towards participation in wildlife and their habitat protection, the Making Moves course provides all the answers.

Anna R. Kimambo
Wildlife Conservation Society - RKL program Tanzania

Just like it did for me, going through the course made conservation outreach and communication more approachable. From understanding your audience to framing the right conservation messages. All the resources are at your disposal, so you can always make references. And yes, Brooke is incredible!

Chidiogo Ibenyenwa
Wildlife Conservation Society Nigeria

As someone with a background in marine conservation and policy, this course helped me to take my science communication skills to the next level! The course was a massive value to our organization. Plus I now find myself connected to a network of individuals working to solve the same issues!

Brian Yurasits
Seacoast Science Center

This course is invaluable! Brooke has an uncanny ability to distill years of wisdom and practice into bite sized pieces everyone can understand, along with the resources and support needed to apply the work effectively for years to come. It was one epiphany after another. Bravo, and thank you!!

Shawn Shafner
The People's Own Organic Power (POOP) Project

This course knocks down the dreaded “silos”! It teaches you how to combine what is known from scholarly theory and marketing/industry principles, and use both in practical applications. I learned a lot and came away with an actionable plan!

Lara Zwarun, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication and Media, University of Missouri - St. Louis

It was nice to spend time with people who are interested in this topic. As a communication freelancer, I often feel isolated while simultaneously expected to be an expert. Brooke’s enthusiasm and knowledge made this a welcoming place to learn and think through my most challenging problems.

Maria Sadowski
Freelance communications strategist and writer

I really loved this course. It allows me to improve my strategic knowledge to carry out communication campaigns with a focus on behavioral change, achieving the work in a better way with the projects assigned within my organization. Also Brooke is an amazing teacher!

Alfredo Cóndor
Wildlife Conservation Society Perú

‘Making Moves’ has helped me create more concise, clear calls to action. And I’m thinking more critically about how to flip passive messaging. After all, we want people to take action! The course has helped me create messages that are easily understood and easy to follow.

Ilana Federman
Friends of the Forest Preserves

The course has helped me see that we do not have to be mean or judgmental to those whose behaviors we wish to change. It’s the complete opposite.

HOU Hemmunind
Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia

Making moves is an incredible learning experience, from the materials, to the classes and all the social media information. You are part of a community, a movement, that supports your work.

Patricia Manzano Fischer

This course provides a unique ride to understand the position of your target audience to have empathy and to prepare clear messages for bigger impact.

Frosina P.Dramikjanin
Macedonian Ecological Society- Skopje

Brooke’s course was incredibly engaging, useful, and fun! We didn’t just learn theories, she gave us actual tools and techniques that we applied to real-world challenges, building strategies as we went for spurring social movements in our own work.

Willow Battista
Environmental Defense Fund

I gained practical tools and technical support for building behavior change into a training and communication campaign for a grassroots community action project.

Lisa Yeager

Brooke is a whiz at applying human behavior dynamics and effective marketing strategies to conservation problems. You’ll learn how to design an environmental campaign or outreach plan that motivates people to address critical environmental issues.

Vanessa Lopez
Defenders of Wildlife

The course included a synthesis of some of the most relevant behavioural science theories and showed how to translate them into effective behaviour change campaigns.

Steve Watson

This is not your average online course

Join if you like the sound of:

» Moving beyond theories by actively applying concepts to your own project throughout the lessons.

» Live, interactive lessons delivered at a time zone near you.

» Opportunities to practice developing behavior change strategies with other cohort members.

» Individualized and direct feedback on the work you’re doing (from ME!)

» An active community of behavior change enthusiasts looking to share ideas and resources.

» Having fun while building new skills!

All the details:

» The course is 8 weeks long with one live lesson per week on Thursdays at 8am & 12pm EDT.

» Each lesson is 90 minutes long and is recorded. Replays are available right away if you miss a lesson.

» Worksheets can be completed as you go and submitted for feedback at 2 intervals during the course before final submissions are due.

» Certificates of Completion are provided to those who submit completed worksheets by the end of the course.

» You can book up to 2 private working sessions with Brooke to receive additional support.

» You have access to the course platform containing all the materials and recordings for life (so you can always revisit the content).

The Making Moves Trail Map

Lesson 1: Prioritizing behaviors
Setting behavior goals and objectives; Differentiating between actions and behaviors; Creating a behavior journey map.

Lesson 2: Identifying audiences
Segmenting and prioritizing audiences; Mapping challenges with achieving behaviors; Exploring “spheres of influence.”

Lesson 3: Understanding barriers
Exploring internal and external deterrents; Reducing, removing, and overcoming barriers; Identifying when barriers occur.

Lesson 4: Discovering motivators
Exploring internal and external motivators; Selecting motivators to overcome barriers; Identifying when motivators are needed.

Lesson 5: Crafting messages
Creating clear calls-to-action; Exploring most effective message frames to use based on motivators; Choosing supportive images.

Lesson 6: Choosing methods
Reviewing communication and outreach options; Exploring effective combinations of methods; Choosing best outreach approach.

Lesson 7: Designing the plan
On-demand bonus lesson.
Summarizing the project’s strategy; planning preparation and launch steps; Reviewing M&E indicator options; Bringing the course home.

Jam Sessions
Two group working sessions to practice applying concepts to real-world challenges.

Click the trailmap image to access more details on what we cover in each session.

Over 350 participants representing 35+ countries

Through the course, they designed plans that motivated people to:

  • Use, and remember to bring, alternatives to single-use plastics.
  • Adopt biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices.
  • Get actively involved in watershed and landscape protection.
  • Choose alternative proteins instead of wild meat.
  • Better protect livestock to reduce carnivore-human conflict.
  • Petition for and support wildlife and habitats.
  • Join their events and spread the word to others.

And a whole lot more!

Rated the course as:

Useful or Extremely Useful to their work, 92.6% of respondents

Meeting or Exceeding Expectations, 100% of respondents

4.7 out of 5 stars

Meet your instructor (that’s me!)

Brooke Tully has been training non-profit organizations and local governments to use behavior change marketing in their conservation & environmental programs for over 15 years.

Brooke spent the first decade of her career working in ad agencies, such as Ogilvy, helping clients (e.g., American Express, British Airways, Pfizer) reach target audiences to build brand awareness, change preferences, and sell products.

In 2007, she joined the NGO Rare, where she designed and implemented behavior change campaigns that inspired local communities in Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, and The Philippines to adopt more sustainable fishing and hunting practices.

Operating independently since 2016, Brooke trains conservationists and environmentalists to use behavioral insights and communication strategies to motivate audiences to take action and change behaviors.

Learn more about Brooke here.

Organizations of all sizes have taken the course. Join us!