Welcome PHIPPS attendees!

I’m so glad you joined my talk on “Creating YOUR Conservation Movement” during the 2022 PHIPPS Nature of Place Symposium.

As a follow-up to the webinar, here are supplemental resources and reference materials to keep the fun going.


Take the quiz!

Why are some traditional methods not working hard enough for us? This quiz features 5 communication materials and asks you to assess why it’s not working hard enough for us. It’s multiple-choice, so don’t stress! After each quiz question, I share my perspective on what’s not working and what could be done better.

Reference materials

DYNAMIC NORMS: Knowing that others are trying to do something new and different can shape our own behaviors.

DIFFUSION OF INNOVATION: This Nature Sustainability article explores how conservation initiatives go to scale and how far they usually make it up the diffusion curve.

WHY DON’T AWARENESS AND ATTITUDE SHIFTS LEAD TO ACTION? Two articles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, written by the same authors, showcase multiple reasons why achieving behavior change takes more (and different) approaches than awareness and attitude shifts.

Both articles include a number of case study examples and cited research papers.

Take it to the next level

If you’re hungry for more hands-on learning and doing, then check out my working sessions and the Making Moves online course.