Channeling angst into ads

Channeling angst into ads

Lately I’ve taken a series of road trips for workshops and appointments. All this time spent on highways has me feeling like our social norms around driving etiquette is degrading.

Increasingly, I have to take a big, decompressing sigh once I’ve reached my destination. Shaking off what feels like a barrage of tail-gating, weaving, aggressive drivers.

To further release my frustrations, I decided to channel them into more positive messages. Which resulted in the following series of public service announcements (PSAs).

Note: all of these were created in a complete vacuum without audience insights, testing or creative support – so they don’t follow best practices. But they were quite cathartic to create.

PSA #1: Give cars more room

The rant: If there’s plenty of space in the left lane and plenty of space behind me, then there is no reason for you to come barreling up behind me while I’m in the right lane and then switch lanes while almost hitting my rear fender. Get over sooner!

And if there are 3 cars in front of me all going the same speed, then being on my ass is not going to make THEM go any faster!

The PSA:

PSA #2: Use your turn signals

The rant: Why are you not using your turn signal?!?!? I know YOU don’t need it as the driver, but everyone else around you finds it informative and helpful to know that you’re planning to take a turn or change lanes. It’s a form of communication – not a “nice to have”!

The PSA:

PSA #3: Working (driving) together

The rant: We’re all trying to get to our destinations safely. This isn’t the hunger games. You won’t get there sooner if you OFF all of us in the process.

The PSA:

PSA #4: It’s okay to slow down

The rant: Use your brakes! If my signal is on to take an exit or make a right hand turn, then use your brakes to slow down until I’m out of the lane. There’s no need for you to keep at the same speed and veer into another lane because using the brake is too inconvenient or uncool for you.

The PSA:

PSA #5: Making the right lane cool again

The rant: Why on earth are you cruising in the left lane?!?! I know, it feels like the cools kids are all in the left lane, but there’s no shame in being the right lane. Stay on the right until you need to pass someone and you’ll do everyone queuing up behind you a favor. And YES sometimes you’ll have so slow down (use the brakes!) and wait for that moment when you can pass and that’s okay – take a breath and find your moment.

The PSA:

Whew! I feel so much better now. Thank you for letting me unload all this.

Here’s to more zen driving behaviors in the future!